1/26/23 UPDATE: We have a price!

This past week has been busy… I went to visit our man in machining, and he gave me a price. Finally. Actually, I am so very grateful to him for taking this long to consider his costs. It shows me that he’s spent countless hours figuring out the best way to make each and every part of the Tru-Knit. His thoughtfulness tells us that he’s in this for the long haul. Getting geared up to make these parts is quite an undertaking. All of his machines are 2018 and newer models. His shop is impeccable, and his parts are like none others I’ve seen in machine shops. He’s come up with brilliant ways to make these machines and make them knit so smoothly. Ok, enough verbiage.

Here’s the low-down:

The Tru-Knit Circular Knitting Machine will come with:

  • Tru-Knit Circular Knitting Machine
  • One Ribber
  • One Ribber Dial
  • One Cylinder
  • Your choice of 1:2 ratio or reduced ratio crank handle
  • 100 cylinder needles
  • 100 ribber needles
  • Stack of 3 weights
  • Spring extender
  • 4 heel forks* and weights
  • Slotted Silver Bullet Yarn Carrier
  • Slotted Yarn Mast Topper with Heel Spring
  • Digital Counter*
  • Buckle*
  • Allen Wrench needed for the Machine
  • Red Pick
  • Oil
  • Setup Bonnet
  • Latch Tool
  • Machine Lock
  • One cone of project yarn
  • One cone of waste yarn

A ribbed knitted sample with a ribbed heel will be knitted on the machine and included with the shipment. The sample will be a sock that includes a toe, knit at my preferred sock tension. If the knitter so chooses, he or she may keep all adjustments the same and use the sock sample provided to judge the length of the sock they would need in order to make a sock that fits. That’s provided one doesn’t get it out of the box and begin turning screws and making adjustments prior to knowing what the adjustments actually do. All screws are hex heads, so you can’t just go turning knobs and changing things accidentally.

$2950 for the total package.

Pay with a check, and the price is $2850.
Shipping not included.           
If delivered or picked up, applicable sales tax will apply.
Shipping is always less expensive than sales tax.

Additional cylinders $250 
Additional Ribber Dials $130                         

Cylinders Available 84, 72, 64, 60, 54 & 48  Ribber Dials Available 42, 72, 64, 60, 54, 48 All cylinders will have a ribber stop pin installed on them.

*These items can be personalized at no charge, or they can come with the Tru-Knit logo.        

There are no hidden charges, such as, “well, if you want a cylinder spring for your machine, it will be an additional cost.” I didn’t list a cylinder spring above, but it does come with a cylinder spring. You’ll need a table and a light to get this bad boy knitting. Tables are conveniently available on CSMSupplies.com


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