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11/28/22 UPDATE: General Update

I don’t have a price yet, and I don’t know when more will ship. I don’t know where you are on the “List.” I have a box with everyone who said they want to buy a machine. Everyone has an index card. They are dated in the order that you spoke to me and asked to be put on the list. I will contact people in that date order. When I contact you, you will the ability to Buy or Pass. 😀 I am a one-woman operation, with massive support from my husband. I’m doing the best I can, but I will promise you this, I will always be HONEST with my answers. I won’t make updates than not having the machine when I said I would have the machine.

Jamie assembling machines
Jamie testing the Tru-Knit

I don’t know when he will give me a final price. The people who have the machine trust me and know that I will not skin them and that the machine will not be outrageously expensive. I will tell you, it will not be the cheapest machine on the market. My goal is to be the best machine on the market.

I am watching the people who have the machine learn it. It is a different operating system, and the machine is not just like your old machine, so you still have to get used to it, and you know what I am going to say? It takes practice to make perfect socks every time. For the past two days, Joyce has been sitting beside me, making socks on the 72-cylinder. She made operator error mistakes, and one time, a needle flew out of the machine and hit her! We laughed a good one at that trick…there was a ribber needle and a cylinder needle in the same slot because she forgot to remove the cylinder needle after transferring the stitch to the ribber needle. It must have just hit that cylinder needle at just the right angle, and bam! there was a needle in her lap!

All in all, the mistakes were operator errors and not machine errors. The point is, any machine you get will take practice to make perfect socks. I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that no one is perfect. Being kind is a good practice, but it starts with being kind to yourself and letting yourself make silly mistakes.

The most recent discovery is that it works with those stupid setup bonnets with rings. If you know me, you know how I feel about those setup bonnets, so why did I even try it in the first place?? But I did, and the rings did not get jammed up in the slots! Cool, right?