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FAQs – Tru-knit Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Tru-Knit Circular Knitting Machine’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most common questions we receive about our machines and related products. Whether you are a beginner in the knitting industry or a seasoned pro, we hope this page will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your purchase and use of our products. Our goal is to help you have a seamless and enjoyable experience with our circular knitting machines. So, please take a moment to browse through our FAQs, and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Tru-Knits are in stock and ready to be ordered. Once your order is placed, we will build the machine to your specifications and test it to ours. I believe that one should not have to wait more than two weeks for a machine. We have a partner machine shop that can and will supply us with the parts we need to deliver machines PROMPTLY. There will be no waiting 12-18 weeks, that’s just silly. Place your order here on the website or you can email or call/text my personal cel at 573-450-8040. I do not suggest you call me in the middle of the night. We live in the CENTRAL TIME ZONE of the United States.

UPDATED 1/26/2023:

$2950 for the total package

The Tru-Knit Circular Knitting Machine will come with:

  • Tru-Knit Circular Knitting Machine
  • One Ribber
  • One Ribber Dial
  • One Cylinder
  • Your choice of 1:2 ratio or reduced ratio crank handle
  • 100 cylinder needles
  • 100 ribber needles
  • Stack of 3 weights
  • Spring extender
  • 4 heel forks* and weights
  • Slotted Silver Bullet Yarn Carrier
  • Slotted Yarn Mast Topper with Heel Spring
  • Digital Counter*
  • Buckle*
  • USA made Allen Wrench set needed for the Machine
  • Red Pick
  • Oil
  • Setup Bonnet
  • Latch Tool
  • Machine Lock
  • One cone of project yarn (the remainder of the cone used for sample)
  • One 1 pound cone of waste yarn

A ribbed knitted sample with a ribbed heel will be knitted on the machine and included with the shipment. The sample will be a sock with a toe, knit at my preferred sock tension. If the knitter so chooses, he or she may keep all adjustments the same and use the sock sample provided to judge the length of the sock they would need in order to make a sock that fits. That’s provided one doesn’t get it out of the box and begin turning screws and making adjustments before knowing what the adjustments actually do. All screws are hex heads, so you can’t just go turning knobs and changing things accidentally.

$2950 for the total package.

Pay with a check, and the price is $2850.
Shipping is not included.           
If delivered or picked up, applicable sales tax will apply. (Sales tax if you pick up in CG MO would be about $145)
Shipping is always less expensive than sales tax. (the machine and goods will ship in two boxes. It should be around $45, unless you live on the other side of the Rocky Mountains!

Additional cylinders $250 
Additional Ribber Dials $130   

Cylinders Available 96, 84, 80, 72, 64, 60, 54 & 48  Ribber Dials Available 40, 42, 48, 72, 64, 60, 54, 48 All cylinders will have a ribber stop installed on them and will come with a cylinder spring.

*These items can be personalized at no charge, or they can come with the Tru-Knit logo.    

There are no hidden charges, such as, “well, if you want a cylinder spring for your machine, it will be an additional cost.” I didn’t list a cylinder spring above, but it does come with a cylinder spring. You’ll need a table and a light to get this bad boy knitting. Tables are conveniently available on


Cylinder Choices Include: 48, 54, 60, 64, 72, 80, 84 and 96 slot cylinders. All edges are rounded and chamfered.  Appropriately sized yarn will glide smoothly through the machine.

Ribber Dial Choices Include: 48, 54, 60, 64, and 72  slots. The slots will be long/short. There is no function of the long/short slots other than keeping your eyes straight and not getting the needle in the wrong slot. Trust me, if you’ve ever worked with equal slot dials, this is a game changer!  Remember, I am a knitter too. The 80 and 84 cylinders have 40 and 42 slot dials. If 2×2 ribbing is important to you, then we can discuss 3D printed funny dials (specially designed for 2×2 ribbing.) The 96 slot cylinder has a 48 slot dial, this is the same dial that one can use on the 48 slot cylinder.

The Tru-Knit uses auto knitter needles. 100 cylinder and 100 ribber needles come with each machine.

COMPOUND CYLINDERS are available as well. They are 3D printed from PETG. I stock 48/24 and 60/30 compounds, other cylinder/dial combos are available as a special order. Most people are interested in the 48 compound set to make children’s socks. The set comes with a cylinder, a yarn carrier bracket, 100 cylinder needles, 50 ribber needles, tappet plate and ribber dial. It is $300. Additional cylinders/dials cost $110.

In effort to not be accused of copying another machine, cylinders and dials will not be interchangable with other brands of machines.

Additional cylinders $250 
Additional Ribber Dials $130   

It is made of stainless and aluminum.  There is nothing on the machine that is magnetic besides the needles.

It weighs 7.5 pounds without the ribber in place.  This is about half of what an antique machine weighs.

The Tru-Knit is black anodized with a satin, no-glare finish. Other parts are clear anodized.   There is no powder coat or paint or rust or plastic on the machine. At this time you will not be able to select a custom color because the anodized colors are very basic and not very pretty.  Honestly, making a precise modern machine that works better than any knitting machine on the market was and is more of a priority to me than pretty colors.  Now, you can customize your machine with a really cool acrylic or wooden handle made by Celeste….this was and is a priority for me in designing a machine.  

You need to know that I am a knitter and I have worked with my friends to choose features from all the different machines that we like the best.  We’ve also added features that no other machine has and some have already begun to copy our features.

  1. A lock to stop unwanted cranks to your machine when you are away.  
  2. Equal slot ribber dials have long slots and short slots. If you have ever used an equal slot dial, you know that all those slots are confusing. The function of the long and short slots is to keep your eyes straight when doing anything with the ribber needles. The 80, 84 and 96 slot ribber dials are not equal slot. I did this for a reason. If you have ever worked with 160, 168 or 192 needles in a 4.5″ diameter, you would understand why. I make my hats with sock yarn on 72/72. If you try to knit 160, 164 or 192 needles, it is not an easy crank.
  3. Customizable and collapsable yarn guide (or topper).
  4.  The famous silver bullet slotted yarn carrier that is adjustable in and out and up and down. If set close enough to the needles, it will open cylinder latches.
  5. Tru-Gauge™ system.  There are lines grooved into the side of each cylinder. The shortest line is the smallest stitch setting you can comfortably crank, the longest line is the longest stitch setting. This is handy to compare your tension to someone else’s tension to see if you (or they) need to loosen or tighten. For precise measuring, you can use a slide rule. I measure in MM because they are easier to read in fractions. I stopped using a digital caliper because the batteries are always dead and they measure too fine. I am good with 25.5mm, I don’t need it to be more decimal points…it’s just easier that way.
  6. The machine has a double table clamp system, which will eliminate any need to screw the machine to a table.
  7. All screws are hex heads.  Not straight or phillips, this is better because you don’t strip the screw heads.  No screwdrivers or wrenches needed!  Allen wrenches (MADE IN THE USA) in the sizes you need will be supplied with the machine.
  8. You have your choice of a reduced ratio crank handle or a 1:1 crank handle. A 1:1 crank handle means that when you crank around one time you get one row of knitting. A reduced ratio handle means you crank 1.5 times around the machine and get one row of knitting. Some will dismiss the reduced ratio all together as being ridiculous. However, if you plan on making hats, lace weight socks or very thick boot socks, you will want to use the reduced ratio handle. I, personally, prefer the reduced ratio many times over the 1:1 handle because the work is easier.

The machines are being made in a state of the art facility with computerized equipment that machines, mills and turns parts with precision. The shop floor is CLEAN and the equipment is spotless. The company is located just north of St. Louis, Missouri. The men making the parts are not only highly trained machinists, they are learning to use the knitting machine as well. They are a high production facility. My husband Jeff and I purchase parts (organized in storage bins) for complete machines. We laser engrave parts. Then we assemble, test and ship the machines. All parts will be identical, so one vcam will fit all machines, there will be no fitting or grinding of parts in order to make them fit.