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Product Updates Archive Page

Here is an archive of our past product updates and news. Thank you for visiting Tru-Knit.

  • February 2024 Update
    We have been busy assembling and shipping Tru-Knit Circular Knitting Machines. We have shipped 201 machines and are prepping more as I type. We just returned from PIGs in Ankeny, IA. It was exciting to see friends and so many Tru-Knits at the crank-in. Our site has mainly been a place for me to post… Read More »February 2024 Update
  • October 2023 Update
    I just realized I should do this more often. Don’t sign up for the newsletter. I never have time to do one. Well, machine number 131 is out the door. That’s how many machines we’ve shipped to date. I have contacted through number 200 on my list. We’ve shipped machines as far as AUSTRALIA and… Read More »October 2023 Update
  • May 2023 Update
    We are building and testing and shipping machines!! This is so exciting! I had to go to Troy, Missouri yesterday to pick up some parts. I was and am amazed at the number of parts going through the machining process in his shop right now. I have, in my possession, all the parts to build… Read More »May 2023 Update
  • 1/26/23 UPDATE: We have a price!
    This past week has been busy… I went to visit our man in machining, and he gave me a price. Finally, actually, I am so very grateful to him for taking this long to consider his costs. It shows me that he’s spent countless hours figuring out the best way to make each and every… Read More »1/26/23 UPDATE: We have a price!
  • 11/28/22 UPDATE: General Update
    I don’t have a price yet, and I don’t know when more will ship. I don’t know where you are on the “List.” I have a box with everyone who said they want to buy a machine. Everyone has an index card, they are dated in the order that you spoke to me and asked to be put on the list. I will contact people in that date order. When I contact you, you will the ability to Buy or Pass.