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Tru-Knit Compound Cylinder and Ribber Set


This is a 3D-Printed Compound Cylinder and Ribber Set for the Tru-Knit Circular Knitting Machine.  It has a 48-slot cylinder and a 24-slot ribber.

Exclusively designed by Dave Huelster for the Tru-Knit Circular Knitting Machine.

The compound set includes the dial, the tappet plate, the yarn carrier arm, 100 compound cylinder needles and 50 short butt ribber needles.  Additional cylinder/dial combinations are $110, but you have to buy the set first in order to get the tappet plate, needles and yarn carrier arm.

In order to use this system, one must remove the silver bullet from the yarn carrier arm.  Then remove the yarn carrier arm.  The ribber will need to be disassembled and rebuilt with the tappet plate and dial.  Changing the cylinder is necessary as well.  So one must not be afraid to change parts and reassemble their Tru-Knit.  It will require adjusting the silver bullet.  These skills are easy and this is a great way to get to know your machine.

All cylinders come with the cylinder spring and ribber stop arm.


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