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CSM Folding Oak Table


The perfect CSM Folding Oak Table. This extremely sturdy and solid table is made out of 3/4″ oak. It includes a storage shelf and does not require any tools to assemble or disassemble (whew!). It simply unfolds and then folds back up when you’re ready to move! It is nice enough to use as a piece of furniture and strong enough to stand on. It does not wobble, even under the fastest cranking conditions. I love this table! There’s a piece of rubber cove base to screw the machine screws to, so the machine won’t chew up the bottom of the table, and it won’t move either.

Table weight: 16 pounds
Table Dimensions: top 15 1/2″x 22″ x 28″ high
Folded dimension: 4″ x 28″ x 15 1/2″
top edge is 3/4″, make sure your machine opening is that wide. If you have a single point of contact machine, there are no screw holes to screw the machine down so it won’t wiggle on the table.

This table is designed for going to crank-ins. The idea is to pack the table last. Get out of your car, grab your table, and go into the crank-in space. Then, eyeball your desired space and set your table up. BAM! Your territory is marked. Then, when it’s time to go, pack everything and carry your table out last (remember to leave a space for it!!). And you’re done. No tools or degrees are required for this table. 🙂

Jenny Deters and her husband designed this table after we saw a similar one at sock school; and by Jenny & PR I mean Jenny…PR is only involved for the strength of holding and screwing tight, etc. I (Jamie) encouraged Jenny to make this table by researching, finding, and sending plans for a similar camp table. She and PR tooled up and made several batches of tables (which sold out immediately). This table is a complicated piece of equipment that requires strength in production and assembly. PR has more to do than to put tables together, so they retired from table-making. The search began. We (Jenny) fired 4 makers up front for not making the table sturdy enough. We finally decided to ask Jeff’s Uncle’s brother, who has a wood trim business. He liked the challenge and made the tables more than acceptable to us! Now, Jeff’s Uncle’s brother is not his other Uncle. Jeff’s Aunt is his relation.

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