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I plan on having 48, 54, 60, 64, 72 and 84 slot cylinders. All edges are rounded and chamfered.  Appropriately sized yarn will glide smoothly through the machine. The 48, 54, 60, 64, and 72  cylinders will have equal slot ribber dials.  The 84 cylinder will have a 42 slot dial…..If you knew what it is like to work with an 84 ribber dial, you would only sell 42 slot ribber dials too.  Remember, I am a knitter too. The Tru-Knit will use Legare needles and the needles will come with the machine! In effort to not be accused of copying another machine, cylinders and dials will not be interchangable with other brands of machines.

I don’t have a final cost, as the machine is not completely finished yet.

I will post the prices on the tru-knit website as soon as I know what they will be.
Price will be competitive with the current CSM manufacturers.

They will not be the least expensive machine. Nor will it be the most expensiive.

It is made of stainless and aluminum.  There is nothing on the machine that is magnetic besides the needles.

It weighs 7.5 pounds without the ribber in place.  This is about half of what an antique machine weighs.

The Tru-Knit is black anodized with a satin, no-glare finish.  There is no steel on the machine to powder coat or paint or rust. At this time you will not be able to select a custom color because the anodized colors are very basic and not very pretty.  Honestly, making a precise modern machine that works better than any knitting machine on the market was and is more of a priority to me than pretty colors.  Now, you can customize your machine with a really cool acrylic or wooden handle made by Celeste….this was and is a priority for me in designing a machine.  

You need to know that I am a knitter and I have worked with my friends to choose features from all the different machines that we like the best.  We’ve also added features that no other machine has.

  1. A lock to stop unwanted cranks to your machine when you are away.  
  2. Customizable and collapsable yarn guide (or topper).
  3.  Three stage slotted yarn carrier that is adjustable in and out and up and down.
  4. Tru-Gauge™ system.  A gauge will come with your machine that will allow you to measure and replicate tension from sock to sock and machine to machine.
  5. The machine has a double table clamp system, which will eliminate any need to screw the machine to a table.
  6. All screws are hex heads.  Not straight or phillips, this is better because you don’t strip the screw heads.  No screwdrivers or wrenches needed!  Allen wrenches in the sizes you need will be supplied with the machine.

The machines are being made in a state of the art facility with computerized equipment that machines, mills and turns parts with precision. The shop floor is WHITE and the equipment is spotless. The company is located just north of St. Louis, Missouri. The men making the parts are not only highly trained machinists, they are learning to use the knitting machine as well. They are a high production facility, my husband Jeff and I will assemble, test and ship the machines. All parts will be identical, so one vcam will fit all machines, there will be no fitting or grinding of parts in order to make them fit.

I will begin taking orders for the machines as soon as I have a final price (I am hoping to have a final price and to start taking orders on November 15.)
The company that is making the parts will have the capability to meet the demand, it will be up to us (my husband and myself) to assemble, test and ship the machines.
I really wish I could give a hard and fast date as to when the machines will start shipping.  But there are still too many unknowns to project a date with confidence.